Seminar: Understanding Environmental Risks in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Social Science Perspective


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Research Program Brown Bag Seminar

When: May 18 2010 (All day)
Where: John A. Burns Hall Room 3012, Noon-1pm
Understanding Environmental Risks in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Social Science Perspective

Dr. Melissa L. Finucane
Senior Fellow, Research Program, East-West Center
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Noon – 1pm
John A. Burns Hall, Room 3012 (3rd floor)

The Asia-Pacific region faces many environmental risks. Some of these risks are related to climate variability and change. Sea-level rise is expected to exacerbate flooding, storm surge, erosion, and other coastal hazards; reduced rainfall compounds the threat to fresh water, food security, and human health. Other risks are associated with rapid urban growth, agricultural transformation, and habitat alteration. Transformations in ecological systems provide opportunities for emerging infectious diseases to increase in incidence or range or to develop new variants. Risk-management tools for these kinds of problems need to address the complex human-environment interactions that work to amplify or attenuate the risks. In this talk, Dr. Finucane will discuss the role of social science in two interdisciplinary projects, one examining climate risks for Pacific Islanders and another examining the relationship between societal transition and the spread of avian influenza in Vietnam.

Melissa L. Finucane is a Senior Fellow within the Research Program of the East-West Center. Her research focuses on the role of dynamic psychological and socio-cultural processes in shaping risk perceptions and decision processes.

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