Symposium on Humane Artificial Intelligence: The Challenges of Cultural and Ethical Diversity in Aligning Technology and Human Values


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When: Sep 7 2019 - 6:00pm until Sep 10 2019 - 5:00pm
Where: East-West Center, IMIN Center

This symposium is part of an intercultural, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary East-West Center (EWC) initiative aimed at engaging the societal challenges and opportunities that are emerging with advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and big data. The purposes of the initiative are: to establish an ongoing forum for exploring differences in understanding the goal of aligning artificial intelligence with human values and societal wellbeing; to foster globally-shared commitments to equitable and humane artificial intelligence; and, to engage emerging perspectives on the evolving interplay of people, artificial intelligence, and related technologies. The symposium will combine plenary lectures, thematically-framed small group discussions, and cooperative futures brainstorming in a spirit of thoughtful conviviality.

Primary Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Peter Hershock
Phone: 944-7757