The Future of the Pacific and its Relevance for Geo-Economic Interests


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When: Jun 18 2013 - 10:30am until Jun 18 2013 - 12:00pm
Where: East-West Center in Washington: 1819 L St. NW, Suite 600. Washington, DC. 20036

The Future of the Pacific and its Relevance for Geo-Economic Interests

An Asia-Pacific Political Economy Seminar and Report Launch Featuring:

Dr. Francesco Stipo, PhD
President, United States Association of the Club of Rome

Dr. Anitra Thorhaug, PhD
Research Professor, Yale University; Program Chair, United States Association of the Club of Rome

Dr. Ryan Jackson, MD
Dean of Academics, Caribbean Medical University, Curacao; Researcher, Health and Population Committee, United States Association of the Club of Rome

The American chapter of the global organization The Club of Rome, launched its latest report at the East-West Center in Washington. Pictured left to right: Dr. Francesco Stipo, PhD; Dr. Anitra Thorhaug, PhD; Dr. Ryan Jackson, MD; and Dr. Satu Limaye, PhD.In a special program at the East-West Center in Washington, the US Association of the Club of Rome released its report: “The Future of the Pacific and its Relevance for Geo-economic Interests.” This study was prepared by three committees composed of American lawyers, scientists and doctors, to identify the primary problems in political and economic relations between the primary players in the Asia Pacific, and present solutions to their respective governments.

The leaders of the three committees presented their findings: Dr. Francesco Stipo, the Legal and Political Committee; Dr. Anitra Thorhaug, the Energy and Resources Committee; and Dr. Ryan Jackson, the Population, Religion and Health Committee.

Report Highlights

1) The Report forecasts that free trade initiatives in the Pacific will become polarized between U.S. sponsored T.P.P. and Chinese-sponsored Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership;

2) The Report identifies two factors that will slow Chinese economic growth and reduce U.S.-China bilateral trade in the next 30 years: the development of additive manufacturing and the increase of Chinese cost of labor;

3) The Report forecasts that U.S. natural gas exports to Japan will increase U.S.-Japan bilateral trade. The raising role of China in geo-economic interests will strengthen strategic cooperation between the U.S. and Japan to counterbalance Chinese influence in the region. The result will be stronger U.S.-Japan economic and strategic cooperation and weakening U.S.-China bilateral ties;

4) The Report laments that large nations and international organizations have been mostly concerned with security and trade in the Pacific while disregarding the protection of natural resources. It recommends massive restoration and anticipatory planning to make the resources sustainable;

5) The Report finds that poor environmental conditions will affect the health of the population of Asian Pacific countries. It recommends mandatory vaccinations and stricter environmental protection laws to improve the health of the populations in the region.

Dr. Francesco Stipo is President of the US Association of the Club of Rome. He has written several publications on global governance and United Nations reform. He holds a PhD in International Law and LLM in Comparative Law from the University of Miami.

Dr. Anitra Thorhaug is Program Chair and former President of the US Association of the Club of Rome. She is a research professor at Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She holds a PhD in Biological and Chemical Oceanography from Yale.

Dr. Ryan Jackson is Dean of Academics at Caribbean Medical University in Curacao. He has been a member of several research committees, including the health and population committee of the US Association of the Club of Rome.

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