June 20, 2008, The East-West Center Hosts a Meeting with the Better Hong Kong Foundation

The Better Hong Kong Foundation delegation members along with East-West Center President Charles Morrison (holding gold plaque) and, from left to right, US Asia Pacific Council Director Mark Borthwick and East-West Center in Washington Director Satu Limaye.

(Click to enlarge) From left, Mr. Daniel R. Fung, BHKF's U.S. delegation leader and member of the EWC’s International Board of Governors, candidly discusses Hong Kong's progress with EWC President, Dr. Charles Morrisson.

(Washington, DC) June 20 – The East-West Center welcomed the Better Hong Kong Foundation’s 2008 Delegation to the United States—led by Mr. Daniel R. Fung, a member of the EWC’s International Board of Governors, and Mr. James E. Thompson—during their stay in the nation’s capitol. The delegation, comprised of influential business and community leaders from the Foundation’s council, visited New York and Washington, DC, from June 15-21 to meet various American opinion-leaders and interest groups and discuss Hong Kong’s economic and diplomatic role in Sino-U.S. relations.

During the meeting, the delegates shared with the East-West Center the current state of Hong Kong and gathered U.S. views of projections for the future of U.S.- Hong Kong relations in light of the upcoming 2008 U.S. presidential elections. With the ever-growing relationship between the United States and China, Hong Kong has much to offer as a modern cosmopolitan city. It plays a large role representing the Chinese cities south of the Yangtze River and is unparalleled as an Asian business hub. Hong Kong’s tested resilience, demonstrated by its ability to bounce back from the SARS and Asian financial crises, speaks volumes about its ability to endure economic and political fluctuations both in the region and abroad, the delegation said.  Neither new legislation nor political developments will prevent “Hong Kong’s engine from moving,” noted Thompson.

In recognizing Hong Kong’s strong economic ties to the Asian region and to the U.S., Better Hong Kong Foundation members and representatives of the East-West Center concluded on a note of optimism and confidence in the future of Hong Kong for overseas business and political leaders.