Asian Security Order
This is the third phase (1999–2003) of a multiyear project (1995–2003) on Asian security. Investigating the security thinking and behavior of sixteen Asian countries, the first phase (1995–1998) resulted in Asian Security Practice: Material and Ideational Influences (the Stanford University Press, 1998). The second phase (1998–2000) investigated the dynamics of security interaction in Northeast, Southeast, South, and Central Asia, the South Pacific and the Trans-Pacific.

Funded by the US-Japan Foundation, the third phase investigates the existence and nature of security order in Asia, and its likely trajectory. The first workshop was held at East-West Center Honolulu October 23–26, 1999; the second workshop, co-hosted by the CSIS, Jakarta, was held in Bali, Indonesia May 29–June 2, 2000. The project has now been completed. A book entitled Asian Security Order: Instrumental and Normative Features published by the Stanford University Press appeared in 2003. Two policy papers have also been commissioned.

Participants in the March workshop included:

Project Director

Dr. Muthiah Alagappa
Director, East-West Center Washington

Paper Contributors

Dr. Muthiah Alagappa
Director, East-West Center Washington
" Introduction: Predictability and Stability Despite Challenges "

Conceptual Perspective

Dr. Muthiah Alagappa
Director, East-West Center Washington
" The Study of International Order: An Analytical Framework "
" Constructing Security Order in Asia: Conceptions and Issues "

Dr. Chung-in Moon
Dean, Graduate School of International Studies
Professor of Political Science, Yonsei University


Dr. Chaesung Chun
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Sookmyung Women's University
" Sovereignty: Dominance of the Westphalian Concept and Implications for Regional Security "

Pathways to Order

Dr. Michael Mastanduno
Dickey Center for International Understanding
Dartmouth College
" Incomplete Hegemony: The United States and Security Order in Asia "

Dr. Avery Goldstein
Department of Political Science
University of Pennsylvania
" Balance-of-Power Politics: Consequences for Asian Security Order "

Dr. Amitav Acharya
Department of Political Science
Centre for International Security and Studies
York University
" Regional Institutions and Asian Security Order: Norms, Power, and Prospects for Peaceful Change "

Dr. Brian L. Job
Department of Political Science
University of British Columbia
" Second Track Diplomacy: Ideational Contribution to the Evolving Asia Security Order "

Dr. Ming Wan
Department of Public and International Affairs
George Mason University
" Economic Interdependence and Economic Cooperation: Mitigating Conflict and Transforming Security Order in Asia "

Dr. Rosemary Foot
St. Antony's College
University of Oxford
" The UN System as a Pathway to Security in Asia: A Buttress Not a Pillar "

Management of Specific Issues

Dr. David Kang
Government Department
Dartmouth College
" Acute Conflicts in Asia After the Cold War: Kashmir, Taiwan, and Korea "

Dr. Jian-wei Wang
Department of Political Science
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
" Territorial Disputes and Asian Security: Sources, Management, and Prospects "

Dr. Jean-Marc F. Blanchard
Lecturer, International Relations Program,
Associate, Center for East Asian Studies
University of Pennsylvania
" Maritime Issues in Asia: The Problem of Adolescence "

Dr. Victor Cha
Department of Government
Georgetown University
" Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense, and Stability: A Case for 'Sober Optimism '"

Dr. Arum R. Swamy
Fellow, East-West Center


John Gershman
Asia/Pacific Editor, Foreign Policy in Focus

" Managing Internal Conflicts: Dominance of the State "

Dr. Dewi Fortuna Anwar
Associate Director for Research
The Habibie Center
" Human Security: An Intractable Problem in Asia "


Dr. Muthiah Alagappa
Director, East-West Center Washington
" Managing Asian Security: Competition, Cooperation, and Evolution "

Senior Scholars and Discussants

Dr. Barry Buzan
Center for the Study of Democracy
London, United Kingdom

Dr. Sumit Ganguly
Department of South Asian Studies
Indiana University

Professor Takashi Inoguch i
Institute of Oriental Culture
University of Tokyo

Dr. Miles Kahler
Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
University of California, San Diego

Professor Peter Katzenstein
Professor of International Studies
Government Department
Cornell University

Mr. K.V. Vanu Gopala Menon
Director, PPA Directorate 1
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Singapore

Dr. Charles Morrison
East-West Center

Dr. S.D. Muni
School of International Studies
Jawaharial Nehru University

Dr. Yoshihide Soeya
Professor of Political Science
Faculty of Law, Keio University

Professor Akihiko Tanaka
Institute of Oriental Culture
University of Tokyo

Ambassador Sastrohandoyo Wiryono
Senior Fellow
Centre for Strategic and International Studies

Dr. Xinbo Wu
Visiting Fellow
The Brookings Institution