The following manuscripts were prepared for the Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific and Studies in Asian Security series, both published by the Stanford University Press.

The Tibet Question: A Guide to Basic Issues

Islamic Brotherhood and National Secession: The Conflict in Aceh

Strangers in Their Own Land: Uyghur Nationalism and Separatism in Chinese Central Asia  

Policy Monographs

These monographs, from Phase 1 of the Management and Internal Conflicts in Asia project have been published in the Policy Studies series. 

Aceh Study Group

The Aceh Peace Process: Why it Failed  
Edward Aspinall and Harold Crouch

The Free Aceh Movement (GAM): Anatomy of a Separatist Organization
Kirsten E. Schulze

Security Operations in Aceh: Goals, Consequences, and Lessons
Rizal Sukma  

The HDC in Aceh: Promises and Pitfalls of NGO Mediation and Implementation
Konrad Huber

Secessionist Challenges in Aceh and Papua: Is Special Autonomy the Solution?
Rodd McGibbon

The Helsinki Agreement: A More Promising Basis for Peace in Aceh?
Edward Aspinall

Papua Study Group

The Papua Conflict: Jakarta’s Perceptions and Policies
Richard Chauvel and Ikrar Nusa Bhakti  

Secessionist Challenges in Aceh and Papua: Is Special Autonomy the Solution?
Rodd McGibbon

Plural Society in Peril: Migration, Economic Change, and the Papua Conflict
Rodd McGibbon

Constructing Papuan Nationalism: History, Ethnicity, and Adaptation
Richard Chauvel  

Tibet Study Group

Beijing’s Tibet Policy: Securing Sovereignty and Legitimacy
Allen Carlson

The Tibet-China Conflict: History and Polemics
Elliot Sperling  

Sino-Tibetan Dialogue in the Post-Mao Era: Lessons and Prospects
Tashi Rabgey and Tseten Wangchuk Sharlho

Xinjiang Study Group

Violent Separatism in Xinjiang: A Critical Assessment
James Millward  

Autonomy in Xinjiang: Han Nationalist Imperatives and Uyghur Discontent
Gardner Bovingdon

The Xinjiang Conflict: Uyghur Identity, Language Policy, and Political Discourse
Arienne M. Dwyer

Southern Philippines Study Group

The Moro Conflict: Landlessness and Misdirected State Policies
Eric Gutierrez and Saturnino Borras, Jr.  

Forging Sustainable Peace in Mindanao: The Role of Civil Society
Steven Rood