Policy Monographs
These monographs, from Phase 2 of the Management and Internal Conflicts project, have been published in the East-West Center Policy Studies series.

Burma Study Group

Political Authority in Burma’s Ethnic Minority States: Devolution, Occupation, and  Coexistence
Mary P. Callahan

State of Strife: The Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict in Burma
Martin Smith

The United Wa State Party: Narco-Army or Ethnic Nationalist Party?
Tom Kramer

Assessing Burma’s Ceasefire Accords
Zaw Oo and Win Min

The Karen Revolution in Burma: Diverse Voices, Uncertain Ends
Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung

Civil Society in Burma: The Development of Democracy amidst Conflict
Ashley South

Southern Thailand Study Group

Conspiracy, Politics, and a Disorderly Border: The Struggle to Comprehend Insurgency in Thailand’s Deep South
Marc Askew

Rebellion in Southern Thailand: Contending Histories
Thanet Aphornsuvan

Southern Thailand: The Dynamics of Conflict
John Funston

Northeastern India Group

Postfrontier Blues: Toward a New Policy Framework for Northeast India
Sanjib Baruah

Conflict and Peace in India’s Northeast: The Role of Civil Society
Samir Kumar Das

Peace Accords in Northeast India: Journey over Milestones
Swarna Rajagopalan

The State Strikes Back: India and the Naga Insurgency
Charles Chasie and Sanjoy Hazarika

Sri Lanka

Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka: Changing Dynamics
Jayadeva Uyangoda

Sinhalese Buddhist Nationalist Ideology: Implications for Politics and Conflict Resolution in Sri Lanka
Neil DeVotta

Muslim Perspectives on the Sri Lanka Conflict
Dennis B. McGilvray and Mirak Raheem

Economy of the Conflict Region: From Embargo to Repression
Muttukrishna Sarvananthan

Nepal Study Group

Creating a “New Nepal: The Ethnic Dimension
Susan Hangen

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Centralization, Multiple Conflicts, and Democratic State Building in Nepal
Mahendra Lawoti

Civil Society in Uncivil Places: Soft State and Regime Change in Nepal
Saubhagya Shah