U.S. Asia Pacific Council: Annual Washington Conference
Every year, the U.S. Asia Pacific Council (USAPC) hosts a conference in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the conference is to bring together leading economic, political, and security experts from both the United States and the Asia Pacific region to provide an annual assessment of where we are in U.S. relations with the Asia Pacific. The information and analysis presented at the conference, in turn, informs the Council's work program. USAPC members themselves often contribute their considerable knowledge and broad policy-making experience as conference speakers and participants.

The conference also serves as an opportunity to engage in dialogue with the highest-level officials in the U.S. executive branch, who often are called upon to deliver the conference keynote address. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke at the inaugural Washington Conference, for example. In April 2008, Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte delivered the keynote address at the Washington Conference.

The Council's 2010 Washington Conference featured keynote remarks by U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk .

East-West Center/U.S. Asia Pacific Council 7th Annual Washington Conference

"U.S.-Asia Pacific Relations: Transitions In a New Era"

May 6, 2010, Washington, D.C.


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The following links provide an unofficial summary of each of the conference sessions. This should not be regarded as an official transcript.

Introductions and "China and the United States Congress"

"Uncharted Waters: The Search for "Balanced, Sustainable, and Inclusive Growth" in the Asia Pacific Region"

Power Point Presentation: Prof. Peter Petri

"U.S. Alliances and Partnerships"

"A Trade Agenda for APEC: The Way Forward "

"Democracy, Activism, and Information Flows"

Note: The remarks of Ms. Audra Ang are on background and should not be cited anywhere.

Power Point Presentations: Ms. Audra Ang and Dr. Irene S. Wu

Speaker Biographies