US-J-SEA Fellowship Year 1 Fellow: Elyse Mark

Residency: February - March 2019
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BiographyElyse Mark

Elyse Mark is a Fulbright scholar and recent graduate of National Chengchi University in Taipei, where she earned her MA in international studies and specialized in demographic issues in the region. Her research interests include global health and medicine, particularly collaborations between the United States and Asia on emerging health issues.

Research Topic: Better Health Through Trilateral Collaboration: Leveraging the United States-Japan Partnership

The United States and Japan have a long history of collaborating on global health through mutual investment in medical science research, especially to combat challenges in Southeast Asia. Innovative technological development is a vital component of effective foreign policy, as countries like the United States and Japan deal with the political, societal, and economic challenges of globalization. Investment in science and technology diplomacy not only meets the goals of improving stability and quality of life in developing countries, but also increases human capacity beyond national borders, bolstering regional relationships and security. Using semi-structured interviews with policy experts, academics, and healthcare professionals in the United States and Japan, this study examines current forms of international medical research investment, and how the U.S.-Japan alliance is leveraged to project soft power in Southeast Asia through cooperative medical research. In particular, joint funding cooperatives, multilateral "equal footing" organizations, and professional exchange programs are analyzed for their structure, scope, and perceived effectiveness. Policy recommendations from this study will guide future U.S. approaches to the use of science and technology diplomacy in Southeast Asia.

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