2018 Asian Studies Visiting Fellow: Soyolgerel Nyamjav


Get to Know Our 2018 Asian Studies Visiting Fellows -
Soyolgerel Nyamjav

Residency: Mid-May through Mid-August
Contact Information: nyamjavs@EastWestCenter.org*

Research Topic:  The Northeast Asian Multilateral Security Mechanism: Role of Mongolia and the U.S. perspective

At present the political situation of East and Northeast Asia is changing. In particular, the Northeast Asian security environment is becoming more dynamic. Even the economies are achieving continued growth. The Northeast Asian region, which includes the second and third largest economies in the world, accounts for around 20 percent of the world economy. However, the Asian paradox continues to be evident in Northeast Asia with discrepancy between the growing economic interdependence in the region on the one hand and the relatively underdeveloped political and security cooperation on the other. Furthermore, Northeast Asia currently lacks mechanisms for effective multilateral cooperation. One core of Mongolia’s foreign policy is strengthening its position in Asia and securing constructive participation in the political and economic integration processes in the region. Within the framework of this objective, greater attention shall be given to the Asia Pacific region, particularly to Northeast and Central Asia. Mongolia shall take an active part in the process of initiating dialogues and negotiations on the issues of strengthening regional security and creating a collective security mechanism. Mongolia is not a big player, however, Ulaanbaatar can serve as a neutral meeting ground and venue for effective political, economic and security dialogues in Northeast Asia. Also, as a democratic nation-state Mongolia can contribute to building peace and promoting stability through enhancing security and cooperation in Northeast Asia. Soyolgerel’s research will focus on Mongolia’s external security environment including Central and Northeast Asian regions and argue about the U.S. perspective and role of Mongolia within that framework, building cooperative multilateralism to promote mutual understanding and confidence building in Northeast Asia.


Soyolgerel Nyamjav currently serves as a senior researcher at the Institute for Strategic Studies, Mongolia’s leading think tank. The Institute is an independent research arm of the National Security Council of Mongolia. Prior to that, Soyolgerel was a lecturer in political science. She is also member of Mongolian Political Science Association and the Young Diplomats Club. She has served on working groups to draft strategy, law, and other policy papers concerning the foreign policy of Mongolia. Soyolgerel has presented papers to international conferences held in Mongolia and abroad and published articles on her research topics. She has written on foreign policy of major powers towards Central and Northeast Asia, regional conflict and the role of regional multilateral mechanism and initiatives. She has attended the Advanced Security Cooperation course at the APCSS, Hawaii and the Program on Applied Security Studies (PASS) at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. Soyolgerel is a co-host of the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue, an annual conference on Northeast Asian Security. She holds a bachelors and Master’s degree in political science from the National University of Mongolia. She speaks Mongolian, Russian, English, and Turkish.

*(Please note: Email addresses are only active during the visitor's residency at the East-West Center in Washington)