2018 Asian Studies Visiting Fellow: Dr.Wenhong Chen


Get to Know Our 2018 Asian Studies Visiting Fellows -
Dr. Wenhong Chen

Residency: Mid-April through Mid-July
Contact Information:  chenw@EastWestCenter.org*

Research Topic:  Now I Know My ABC: A U.S.-China Comparative Policy Research of AI, Big Data, & Cloud Computing

Entrepreneurs in the U.S., China and beyond have been leveraging globalized networks of local embeddedness and global outreach to navigate the hyper-competitive tech landscape, which has been converging to AI, Big Data, & Cloud Computing (ABC) infrastructure and applications. Disruptive innovations have generated unprecedented opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and policymakers. Given the centrality of ABC policy to the national security, economic prosperity, and global influence of the US and China, it is critically important to understand and assess ABC policy, politics, and practices and how they shaped and are shaping U.S.-China relations. Using a mixed-method design, this project aims to develop an integrated theoretical framework of political economy, competitive state, and globalized networks to examine the dynamics shaping ABC policy and their implications for entrepreneurship and international relations.


Dr. Wenhong Chen is associate professor of media, journalism, and sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research has focused on digital media entrepreneurship. Dr. Chen’s research has received awards from the Academy of Management, International Association of Chinese Management Research, American Sociological Association and International Communication Association. She is serving as the chair of the Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology Section of American Sociological Association in 2017-2018. Dr. Chen’s work has been reported by media in the U.S., China, and Canada. Dr. Chen’s current project examines how U.S. and Chinese government policies affect tech and media entrepreneurship.

*(Please note: Email addresses are only active during the visitor's residency at the East-West Center in Washington)