Infusing Institute - 2014 (Bibliographies and Syllabi)






Shana Brown: (History 312: Chinese History from the 17th Century to the Present, History 410: Twentieth-Century China)

David Wong:

[Ancient and Modern Ethical Theories (Integrates Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, and some material on Buddhism with Western texts.
Chinese philosophy (2010, 2013)
Comparative ethics seminar (for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, on early Chinese philosophy and contemporary psychology- 2004, 2013)]

Stanley Murashige:

Mark McNally:

Helen Baroni: (Religion 204- Understanding Japanese Religions)

Saeko Shibayama: (East Asian Languages and Literatures 271- Japanese Literature in Translation--Traditional)

James Mark Shields:

Roger Ames:

Lonny Carlile: (ASAN 462- Contested Issues in Contemporary Japan; Junior Honors Seminar 491- Monarchy, Modernity and Native Identity in the Asia-Pacific)

Yan Yunxiang: (Anthro 175Q- Ideology and Social Change in Contemporary China)