Clinton: 'America's future linked to future of Asia Pacific region'

Secretary of State lays out principles that ‘define America’s engagement and leadership in the region’


HONOLULU (Jan. 14) – In a policy speech delivered Tuesday at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton outlined U.S. goals for multilateral engagement in the region. “America’s future is linked to the future of the Asia Pacific region, and the future of this region depends on America,” Clinton said.


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The speech came at start of what had been scheduled to be Clinton’s fourth trip to the Asia Pacific region as America’s top diplomat. However, she later postponed the remainder of her trip and returned to Washington due to the devastating earthquake in Haiti.


Clinton spoke at the East-West Center in observance of the 50th anniversary year since the Center was founded by Congress to promote better understanding and relations between the peoples and nations of the U.S., Asia and the Pacific.


“During the five decades since the Center opened, no region has undergone a more dramatic transformation,” she said. “The East-West Center has been part of this sea change, helping to shape ideas and train experts. ... I thank all of you for bringing greater awareness and understanding to the economic, political and security issues that dominate the region and the world today.”


Clinton noted that President Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, had been an East-West Center scholar when she pursued her graduate studies in anthropology, focusing on the emerging field of microfinance. Obama himself spent his formative years in Hawaii and Indonesia, a background that she said fostered a world view that “reflects his appreciation of – and respect for