April 24 event will celebrate and discuss Indonesian cultural diversity
HONOLULU (April 16) -- This year’s annual, student-organized Indonesian Conference and Cultural Event (ICCE 2009) will be held on Friday April 24, from 2 - 9 p.m. at the East-West Center’s Hawaii Imin International Conference Center. Admission to the conference and cultural celebration is free and open to the public.

The topic for this year is ‘A Decade of Reform 1998-2009’; looking at changes after the end of the Soeharto regime in 1998. The underlying force guiding these changes has been a spirit of reformation promising democracy, equity and justice among Indonesia’s people. However, after a decade of reform, Indonesia’s ability to provide equal democratic rights and access to every citizen has still been questioned.

ICCE 2009 is an opportunity for scholars and students to discuss current Indonesian issues and share Indonesian culture with others without promoting a particular political or religious message. Two seminar sessions at the conference will cover contemporary Indonesian politics and arts and culture, with speakers including professors and graduate students from the East-West Center, UH Manoa, Arizona State University, and Columbia University. The cultural celebration will include exhibits, traditional dance and music from Aceh to Bali, Kartinian ethnic fashion show, Dangdut music (Indonesian popular music), and Indonesian food.

ICCE 2009 is organized by the Indonesian Student Association in the U.S. (PERMIAS) Hawaii Chapter, Nusantara Society, and Nongkrong Yuk! Indonesian Club (both at UH Manoa); and co-sponsored by the Embassy and Consulate General of Indonesia in the U.S. and the East-West Center Education Program.

Further details and press kit are available at the PERMIAS website:

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