EWC Ranked Among Best Government-Affiliated Think Tanks Worldwide


HONOLULU (Feb. 6, 2019) -- The East-West Center has been ranked #4 in a University of Pennsylvania institute’s 2018 list of best government-affiliated think tanks worldwide, an improvement on the Center’s #8 ranking in last year’s report. EWC’s improved ranking is even more notable considering that the only three institutions ranked higher are connected with such large organizations as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and US Congressional Research Service.

A panel of experts convened by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at Penn’s Lauder Institute annually ranks policy and issue research organizations based on such criteria as:

  • The quality and commitment of the institution’s leadership.
  • The quality and reputation of expert staff and the research and analysis they produce.
  • Impact on policymakers and society.
  • Ability to convene key policy actors and develop effective networks and partnerships.
  • News media reputation and the ability to use digital and social media to engage effectively with policymakers, journalists and the public.
  • Effective management of institutional resources.

“We’re delighted to receive this important recognition from experts and peers of the great work our specialists and staff put into high-quality research and analysis on issues of concern to international policymakers,” said East-West Center President Richard R. Vuylsteke. “We’re grateful to Penn’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program for their efforts in putting this valuable list together each year, and offer hearty congratulations to our many colleagues and partner institutions who were also recognized.”