Leadership Symposium to Honor Native Hawaiian Sustainability Expert

April 25, 2008

Media Contact:
Derek Ferrar
Media Relations Specialist
East-West Center
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Symposium Registration:
Stella Kolinski, 944-7583
[email protected]

Native Hawaiian cultural specialist Ramsay Taum will be the recipient of this year’s Transformational Leadership Award at a free symposium on “Transforming Leaders and Sustainability,” to be presented on Saturday by the East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program.

The Spring Leadership Symposium will be held Saturday, April 26, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Wailana Room of the Imin Conference Center (across from Kennedy Theater on the UH Manoa campus). Admission is free, with a complimentary lunch reception included.  Space is limited, so advance registration is encouraged. Campus parking will be available for $3.

Ramsay Taum is the Director of External Relations and Community Partnerships at the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Travel Industry Management (TIM), where he lectures on host cultural values in the work place.  He continues to serve as Director of Oahu Operations at The Hawaii Nature Center, where he is actively involved in the promotion of environmental education and sustainability based on the Native Hawaiian ahupua'a management system.  In addition, Taum is the founder and President of the Life Enhancement Institute (LEI) of the Pacific and Co-Director of Sustain Hawaii, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living and development in Hawaii.

“By encouraging the use of traditional Hawaiian practices like the ahupa‘a system in modern society, Ramsay Taum has shown how much the wisdom of Hawaiian culture can teach us about implementing more sustainable policies today,” said Stuart Coleman, Coordinator of the East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program. “The students in our program nominated him to receive the Transformational Leadership Award because these ideas are particularly important in addressing the environmental and socio-economic challenges that today’s generation of young leaders are inheriting.”

The East-West Center Leadership Certificate Program is a two-year, interdisciplinary program, open to all EWC degree fellows, that allows students to experience service learning, explore the nature of leadership, develop individual leadership capacity and learn how to navigate change in the Asia Pacific region. At the symposium, student editors in the program will present the latest edition of their journal, Transformations in Leadership, which contains cutting-edge articles on international leaders, global issues and inspiring community projects

For more information about the program, please contact Stuart H. Coleman at (808) 944-7229, [email protected] .  To register for the event, please call Stella Kolinski at (808) 944-7583.


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