The Pacific Islands Development Program at EWC: The Voyage Continues


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HONOLULU (Feb 25, 2020) -- The East-West Center has rolled out a major update of its affiliated Pacific Islands Development Program, or PIDP, with the launch yesterday of the program’s new website at The new site highlights refocused priorities and new projects following recent user surveys and strategy dialogues with Pacific Islands leaders and stakeholders.

Pacific Islands Development Program Website
Click image to view the new PIDP website.

In collaboration with a variety of research and programmatic activities throughout the Center, the Pacific program focuses on leadership training and capacity development, regional economic and policy analysis, use-inspired research on climate change impacts and mitigation, women’s empowerment, journalism and professional exchange tours, and more. PIDP is also broadening relationships with governments and partner organizations in the Pacific, and seeking to engage EWC’s extensive alumni network in the region in new and deeper ways.

Noting that he had participated in the founding of PIDP as a research assistant at the Center in the 1980s, EWC President Richard R. Vuylsteke said, “Since then, our Pacific Islands programs have continued unabated in many forms. Today, the object of this renewal is really to rededicate ourselves to PIDP’s coordinating role in ensuring that the entire family of programs that we run are attuned not only to our own mission but also to the twenty-first-century priorities of the Pacific Island communities we serve and interact with.”

PIDP website launch blessing
EWC officials participate in a Hawaiian blessing for the launch of the Pacific Islands Development Program's new website.

About the Pacific Islands Development Program
The Pacific Islands Development Program, or PIDP, is a distinct entity housed within the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, that works toward empowering Pacific peoples through programs informed by the voices of the region itself. Founded in 1980 at the request of Pacific Islands leaders under the visionary guidance of Fiji Prime Minister Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and Hawai‘i Governor George Ariyoshi, the program conducts a broad range of activities to enhance quality of life in Pacific communities.

Since its founding, PIDP has served as a platform for the region’s leaders to discuss critical issues and an institute to share use-inspired expertise, produce policy relevant research, and train new generations of Pacific leaders. In addition, the program draws heavily upon expertise in other areas of the East-West Center such as the Pacific Regional Integrated Science and Assessments (Pacific RISA) Program, the Professional Development Program, and the Education Program.

PIDP is a founding member of the Council of Regional Organizations of the Pacific (CROP), and serves the secretariat for the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders (PICL), a regional council of 20 member governments that also serves as the program’s governing council.

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