Audio: An Inside Perspective on North Korea: A conversation with Prof. Hazel Smith

Click the audio icon to listen to an interview about North Korean security and food issues with Prof. Hazel Smith of England’s Warwick University, a recent visiting fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu.


Prof. Hazel Smith

An expert on North Korean security and humanitarian issues, Prof. Smith has visited the country frequently and lived there between 1998 and 2001 while working for the World Food Programme and UNICEF.  In this interview, she draws from that experience to reveal that North Korea is no longer as monolithic or centralized a nation as many believe it to be – a viewpoint that prompts reconsideration of a variety of issues, from talks on denuclearization to the nature of North Korea’s current food crisis.


In addition, Prof. Smith discusses the results of her research as a POSCO visiting fellow at the East-West Center, where she analyzed the capability of North Korea’s shipping industry to serve as a possible conduit for the export and dissemination of weapons of mass destruction.