EWC 50 Spotlight: EWC Arts Program Introduces Diverse Audiences to Traditional Japanese Music

photo by Eric Chang

In a recent EWC artists residency, the Tokyo-based music ensemble AURA-J introduced numerous school students, senior citizen groups, and the general public to traditional and contemporary Japanese instrumental music.  With a focus on community outreach, the East-West Center Arts Program, in partnership with the UHM Music Department, was able to reach a diverse representation of the community through four public concerts and several demonstrations and workshops all in the span of five days.  As a performing member of the group, EWC graduate degree fellow Yoko Sato was able to share important aspects of her cultural background with her new community here in Hawai‘i.

The East-West Center Arts Program has enriched the community for three decades through exhibitions, performances, lecture-demonstrations, and hands-on workshops focusing on traditional arts of the Asia Pacific region. In 2009, more than 20,000 adults and youth experienced EWC’s arts programs.  Outreach initiatives targeted “at-risk” youth by conducting school programs in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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Posted on April 6, 2010