EWC Annual Report Available

The East-West Center’s 2008 Annual Report is now available on-line for download .

In the report, feature articles of select EWC activities from throughout the year cover the dedication of the new Royal Sala Thai pavilion ; the EWC International Conference in Bali ; EWC in Washington’s new website on U.S.-Asia Interactions ; the first EWC International Media Conference ; and a new EWC program that fosters understanding between Indonesian Muslim and American Educators .

The report also includes brief program highlights from the Center’s Research , Education , Seminars , and External Affairs sections that reflect the diverse range of activities at the Center.
Another special feature is a Living Legacy page honoring some of the recent donors and recipients of special scholarship endowments that help make the Center’s educational programs accessible to all qualified students, regardless of their economic resources.

“The many facets of regionalization and globalization have reduced barriers of time and geography that once inhibited the spread of crises, whether economic, political, health, or environment related,” EWC President Charles E. Morrison and Board of Governors Chairman Puongpun Sananikone state in their introduction to the report. “The global interconnection of today’s world places a premium on forward-looking analysis, building resilience, and establishing response capabilities.   Much of the work of the East-West Center over many years has sought to make the Asia Pacific region less vulnerable to crises through anticipating problems and developing the human and leadership capacities and institutional networks needed to respond.”   

Rounding out the report is an informational section including a brief financial summary, lists of EWC participant awards by country and major gifts to East-West Center Foundation, along with directories of Center board and advisory panel members, alumni chapter leaders, program directors and corporate officers.

Also available is a special online supplement to the printed report, offering a more detailed financial review and in-depth participant statistics.