EWC Community Saddened by Loss of Emeritus Senior Fellow Meheroo Jussawalla


1076The East-West Center expresses its sadness over the passing of Emeritus Senior Fellow Meheroo Jussawalla following a long illness. After a very distinguished career in her native India, Meheroo joined the East-West Center’s Communications Institute in 1977 and was a pioneer in developing the field of information economic. After she formally retired, she remained active in East-West Center projects and activities.

Meheroo was one of the first classically trained economists to conceptualize communications as an important factor in model building for development. Studying with the late Wilbur Schramm, “the father of communications research” and EWC scholar, she helped build “information economics” into a respectable branch of study in economics. She lived to see her work applied widely to the rapid IT-based development of the Pacific hemisphere.

While at the East-West Center she was challenged to combine her knowledge of economics with the emerging field of mass communications. Over the course of her professional career she published some 15 books and more than 100 articles on what came to be known as “information economics.” In 1998 a “Festschrift” (a book in her honor), titled “Communications and Trade: Essays in Honor of Meheroo Jussawalla,” was published with chapters written by 19 leading scholars and experts in the field.

Meheroo’s many friends and colleagues at the East-West Center remember with fondness and mourn her passing.