EWC Partners with Tongji University on Asian Regional Peri-Urbanization Conference in Shanghai


With millions of people who live in “peri-urban” areas at the edges of cities in Asia suffering from enormous deficits in basic urban services, spillover environmental impacts and weak local governments, policymakers in the region recognize the urgent need for solutions to cope with the range of issues impacting residents of these areas.

To this end, the East-West Center partnered with Tongji University’s Department of Urban Planning to present the Asian Regional Conference on Peri-Urbanization from May 8 – 10, 2017 in Shanghai. Eighty scholars from 16 countries met at the conference to discuss such issues as the characteristics, size and scope of peri-urbanization; service delivery and access; urban strategies and the role of international institutions; land management, planning controls and environmental impacts; and governance and administration structures and processes. Collaborating institutions from eight Asian countries were engaged during all stages of the project activities

The conference will result in the publication of a Policy Brief and a set of case studies to help scholars and practitioners better understand the dynamics of peri-urbanization and more effectively inform policy. In addition, the conference and publications will help strengthen the capacity in the area of the collaborating institutions in Asia.

The next activity in this project will be a regional workshop on Access to Urban Services based on surveys that are currently being undertaken in low income urban settlements of Indonesia, India, China, and Vietnam.