It’s the 70s Once More at EWC Get-Together

It’s the 70s Once More at EWC Get-Together
HONOLULU (August 6) – There is an old joke that goes, “If you remember the 60s you weren’t there.” What about the 70s? No worries. At least 110 East-West Center (EWC) 70s alumni have already signed up to prove they were there and remember.

The EWC’s 1970s reunion, open to all “born into the family” back then, will be held August 24 through 27 at the Center. The 30-year gathering is more than just an old-time meet-and-greet. According to EWC Alumni Officer Gordon Ring, “There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss the issues we faced in the 1970s and how they have evolved, and the chance to meet current Center staff, researchers, and students. But, there will also be plenty of opportunity for fun.”

Not surprisingly, most of that fun for the EWC’s 70s family will be enjoyed around the family dinner table. An authentic Hawaiian luau, a box lunch picnic at the Bishop Museum, and an aloha banquet featuring, in Ring’s words, “our never to be forgotten alumni talent show,” are atop the list of enjoyable events.

Registration for the 70s reunion can be done on-line at , the same address to visit for more information as well.


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