Publications Highlighting Center’s Global Impact Make Debut at 50th Anniversary International Conference

The roughly 800 participants who gathered from more than 35 nations at the recent EWC/EWCA 50th Anniversary International Conference received a special gift conveying the significance of the celebration.  Opening their conference bags, they found two new publications – Fifty Years, Fifty Stories , focusing on the lives and achievements of select Center alumni; and The East-West Center Legacy , sharing a behind-the-scenes look at some of the Center’s institutional accomplishments.

“Both are inspiring,” noted EWC President Charles E. Morrison in his opening address at the conference. “The EWC, of course, cannot claim credit for every achievement of the incredible individuals associated with us, but those individuals credit the Center for being “transformational” – helping provide the intellectual and cultural tools, the networks, and the inspiration, spirit, and vision enabling their achievements, and thus helping them to transform the region.”   The 50 profiled alumni provide a glimpse into the collective stories of the Center over the years.  Each stands for more than 1,000 others and together with the stories recounted in the Center’s Legacy book depict “the rapid development of a region and of regional relationships.”

From world leaders such as India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to champions for the poor such as Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus and Microcredit pioneer Ann Dunham Soetoro; to leading journalist Kathleen Hall Jamieson, to name a few, the range of the alumni featured is vast but they all demonstrate leadership tied with service and each has a unique story to share. 

“The EWC experience got me out of my box and spread the entire world in front of me,” stated featured alumnus Prof. Ashok Malhotra, founder of an NGO that educates disadvantaged children in India.  “I felt that I did not belong to any one country and at the same time, I belonged to the entire world and to the entire human race.”

The Legacy book highlights the ways in which the Center and its network of staff, professional participants, and alumni have helped shape the region.  The vignettes, selected from hundreds of collaborative projects over five decades illustrate the diversity of the Center’s activities.  EWC President Morrison stated in the opening message that “all [the vignettes] underscore the power and creativity inherent in the Center’s cooperative work, in which small, multicultural groups draw from each other’s experience, strengths, and dedication to achieve a result important to the region.”

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•    East-West Center– Fifty Years, Fifty Storie s

•    The East-West Center Legacy

Posted July 28, 2010