Spotlight on Publications: Senior Policy Seminar 2008 Report--Shifting Currents of U.S. and Asia Pacific Economics, Resources, and Security

Wendy Dobson (right), professor and director of the Institute for International Business at the University of Toronto, and EWC Senior Fellow Shabbir Cheema (far left) at the EWC Senior Policy Seminar 2008.

The next American president will face an Asia Pacific region enjoying a “long peace,” but threatened by turmoil and uncertainty in health, the environment, and particularly the international economy. These are among the central conclusions of a gathering of policy experts, academics, and current or former government officials who met in Honolulu for the East-West Center’s annual Senior Policy Seminar. At the top of the agenda of this year’s gathering was the current turmoil in the U.S. and international economies, its impact on the region, and how these issues will impact the next U.S. administration.   Click here to download the Senior Policy Seminar 2008 report.