Student Journalists from Pakistan and India Meet in Nepal for Cross-Border Media Dialogue


Indian, Pakistani and Nepali journalism students at cross-border media dialogue.
Photos courtesy Kunda Dixit.

HONOLULU (Aug. 28, 2019) -- Journalism students from Jamia Millia Islamia university in New Delhi and the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi met recently in Nepal for a two-day dialogue about cross-border media collaboration. The six Indian and Pakistani students were joined by three Nepali journalism students for the dialogue in Kathmandu, which was moderated by EWC media alumnus Kunda Dixit, Editor and Publisher of the Nepali Times.

This face-to-face networking among the next generation of Pakistani and Indian journalists was the capstone event of a three-semester virtual exchange between 105 master’s degree students at the two universities. Among other activities in the program, Cross-border Indian and Pakistani student reporting teams collaborated on 22 stories posted online at Ittehad اتحاد गठबंधन Building Bridges across South Asia.

The East-West Center has been leading cross-border media programs for Pakistani and Indian journalists for the last four years. Since no Indian journalists are based in Pakistan, nor Pakistani journalists in India, these programs help fill an urgent need and provide ongoing real-world impact.

More than 65 stories and many social media posts were filed by journalists participating in the program’s cross-border reporting trips. Connections among close to 300 working and next-generation journalists from the two countries were deepened during the reporting trips, four dialogues held in Sri Lanka and Nepal, and the student exchanges. These connections continue to grow through thousands of ongoing chat-group posts between the participants, who regularly offer one another valuable professional support and tips on reliable information networks.

Pakistani, Indian and Nepali student journalist dialogue