Video: Beijing journalists speak on Post-Olympics China

Haili Cao, Josephine Ma, and Mark Magnier

On Sept. 5, four eminent Beijing-based journalists participating in the EWC’s Northeast Asia Journalists Dialogue presented a lively discussion panel at the Center on “Post-Olympics China.”

Click here to view a video of the event via the news website “Think Tech Hawaii.” (Note: requires email registration to view.)

Speaking at the event were:

  • Kang Bing , Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the China Daily , the only national English-language newspaper in China. Previously Kang worked as a sports reporter and editor, and he served as vice-chairman of the Chinese Sports Journalists’ Association and a consultant to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee.

  • Haili Cao , Foreign Editor of Caijing Magazine , a Beijing-based financial publication. Currently a Nieman Fellow with Harvard University, Cao has won awards for her SARS coverage in Southern China in 2003 and more recently has been tracking the avian flu outbreak in China and worldwide.

  • Josephine Ma , Beijing Correspondent for the South China Morning Post , the main English-language daily newspaper in Hong Kong. In recent months, she has covered the Sichuan earthquake and the impact of the Olympics on Beijing, including protests in the city and among Tibetans in Lhasa.

  • Mark Magnier , Beijing Bureau Chief for the L.A. Times . He first served as a Tokyo correspondent before being posted to Beijing in 2003, and also has done crisis reporting in the Middle East, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Kashmir and Sri Lanka. During his five years in China, he has covered the Tibet riots, the Sichuan earthquake and the Olympics.

The East-West Center’s Northeast Asia Journalists Seminar brings together journalists from China, Japan, Korea and the U.S. to discuss regional issues and media coverage.

Haili Cao, Josephine Ma, and Mark Magnier