Watch “The EWC Experience” on the Web
A short video featuring East-West Center participants and alumni discussing their EWC experience is now available for viewing on the Web as part of the Center’s growing collection of online video .

The eight-minute “ East-West Center Experience ” video offers a concise overview of the Center’s history and mission, along with personal insights from participants about the Center’s impact on their education and lives.

“The relationships you build at the East-West Center really fundamentally change you,” says Asia Pacific Leadership Program participant Eric Hanson in the video. “…It’s really like a laboratory for human relationships, (and) a microcosm of how the world should be.”

“This place forces you to live together with people from many other countries,” says Asian Development Bank-Government of Japan Scholarship fellow Zarina Chekirbaeva of Kyrgyzstan. “Your countries might even have conflicts … but you end up thinking of each other not as people from different countries, but as human beings, as people, (and realizing) ‘you are just like me.’”

“The cross-cultural skills we develop at the East-West Center make us much more effective,” says 1960s alumnus and present EWC Board of Governors Chairman Puongpun Sananikone. “…As a result of our shared experience here, we in effect become human agents for positive change around the world … it’s all about cultivating the ability to see issues and problems from the other person’s perspective.”

We encourage all in the Center community to watch the video online, and spread the word by forwarding the link to anyone you think would be interested.