EWC International Student Information

  • Supporting Documents for Re-Entry Visa Application

    • Passport valid for 6 months beyond entry date
    • EWC participation agreement and/or program support letter from EWC Scholarship Coordinator/Financial Statement
    • Travel Validation on DS-2019 by Visa Officer w/approved leave of absence/approved absence form from EWC Scholarship Coordinator/IP Partner (IFP Fellows)
    • Photo (matching DS-156 specifications)
    • UH Admission Letter or Enrollment Confirmation for Next Semester
    • Evidence of home country ties


  • On-Campus Employment

    EWC Form: Application for J-1 Student On-Campus Employment Authorization [doc]

    • UH-SECE (Student Employment and Cooperative Education)
      (currently arranging to have direct access to database for EWC/DOS J-1 students to search for job w/o request letter from EWC Visa Office)
      Once an offer has been made and accepted, employment authorization must be applied for using the above EWC Form.
    • Student must also apply for a Social Security Number (unless already assigned), cancel ITIN (if applied for and received), and report change to EWC Disbursing via Education Program.
    • UH Departmental Graduate Assistantships (attach offer letter to above form) [Note: .50FTE GAships include tuition exemptions (must be requested) and eligibility for UH staff/faculty insurance.]
    • RCUH (Research Corporation of the Universityof Hawai'i)


  • Visa Information for Families of Degree/Non-Degree Fellows [doc] in the EWC Education Program

    EWC Form: Request to Bring Family (available from program scholarship coordinators)

  • Federal Requirements/Specifications for J status:

    If you are using a plan not listed in the attachment, please have agent submit following verification: