About AsiaPacificEd Program
East-West Center’s AsiaPacificEd Program helps elementary and secondary school teachers to prepare young people—our future leaders—to become global citizens, and prepares Americans to engage with the Asia Pacific region as it becomes increasingly important to the world’s economy and strategic interests. The program, which ultimately aims to give students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s global society:

Provides primary and secondary school educators in the United States with firsthand experience in and exposure to Asia and the Pacific region and challenges them to expand their own learning and teaching styles.

Involves an international community of educators through workshops and school visits to share “best practices” in education that will enrich and enhance all students’ learning.

Prepares students and teachers to work collaboratively with their peers nationally and internationally, developing connections that give them a global perspective in their teaching and learning.

Engages the entire school community during international teacher and student visits, providing a common experience that fosters cross-cultural understanding and a greater awareness of and appreciation for our similarities and interdependence.

Supports teachers and schools with hands-on experiential programs, high-quality resources, and unsurpassed networks, which help schools to globalize their curriculum.

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