2007 Education 2020 Leadership Institute

September 9-21, 2007

The institute brings together mid-career individuals from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea and Thailand to focus on the theme of privatization as well as ideas developed in previous seminars.

PowerPoint Presentations:

The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm
John Hawkins

Globalization, Quality Assurance And Higher Education:
Trends In Asia/Pacific

John Hawkins
Deane Neubauer

Higher Education In Asia: An Overview
John Hawkins
Victor Ordoniz

Group Presentation
IFE Group Participants

The Role Of Crossborder Education In The Debate On Education
As A Public Good And Private Commodity

Jane Knight

Globalization And Education:
Characteristics, Dynamics, Implications

Deane Neubauer

The Public Good And Public Goods In Higher Education
Deane Neubauer

Education As A Knowledge Industry
Deane Neubauer

International Forum For Education 2020
Deane Neubauer

The Changed And Changing Characteristics Of The 21st Century Environment
And The Resulting Challenges For Pre-College Schooling

Siegfried Ramler