Environmental research at the East-West Center focuses on critical interactions and interdependencies between environment and society. Individual projects respond to current issues of regional significance, illuminate critical gaps in scientific understanding, and explore innovative approaches to establishing more effective partnerships within the Asia-Pacific community that will sustain both people and the environment.

The EWC is hosting a new NOAA Integrated Environmental Applications and Information Center, to focus multi-disciplinary research in three key areas: climate and coastal communities; marine and coastal ecosystems; and hazards risk management. Eileen Shea coordinates the new center.

Jefferson Fox is working on resource management systems and land cover transitions in montane mainland Southeast Asia . A Center team is developing scenarios for an Agent Based Model of land cover change from forest to rubber in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

ZhongXiang Zhang was one of the organizers of “The Cross-Straits Conference on Energy and Markets in Taipei, in June which focused on energy issues facing Mainland China and Taiwan: coal and clean coal technologies, oil, natural gas, power generation, nuclear energy, energy conservation, and renewable energy.

Sumeet Saksena helped organize the workshop “ Air Quality Management and Exposure Assessment ” in Hanoi in July, co-sponsored by the US-Asia Environment Partnership, the Center for Environmental Engineering for Towns and Industrial Areas (CEETIA) at the University of Hanoi.