East-West Center: Fifty Years, Fifty Stories


East-West Center


Honolulu: East-West Center

Publication Date: 2010
Binding: paper
Pages: 56


Celebrating 50 years with 50 stories of alumni representative of a vast network that stretches beyond the Asia Pacific region and their countries of origin. Women and men of high promise, East-West Center alumni have gone on to become presidents and prime ministers, leading educators and business executives, senior journalists and social advocates. Many are trailblazers influencing change at the grassroots, local, national, regional, and international levels. They have earned recognition for pioneering solutions to long-standing problems; others are emerging leaders dedicated to forging better futures for their communities.


The East-West Center experience unites more than 55,000 students, scholars, and professionals from more than 50 nations. For many, the Center provided a defining chapter in their lives, influencing their perspectives and aspirations, and initiating lifelong personal and professional associations. As you read of these 50 individuals, you will see how East-West Center alumni are contributing to global understanding, building an Asia Pacific community, and shaping the future in a region undergoing dramatic transformation.

A second book commemorating the EWC's 50th anniversary is The East-West Center Legacy, which highlights ways in which the Center and its network of staff, students, professional participants, and alumni have helped to shape the region.

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East-West Center: Fifty Years, Fifty Stories (complete book - low resolution version)

Front Matter: Cover, Contents, Introduction

Pages 4-11

Senen Bacani, Sowing the Seeds of Peace and Development | 4

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and Banker to the Poor | 5

Manmohan Singh, Navigating India's Path to Globalization | 6

Pamela Slutz, An Ambassador's Life at Full Gallop | 8

Ashok Malhotra, Educating the Poorest Children in India's Remote Villages | 10

Margaret Valadian, Advancing Civil Rights for Australian Aboriginies | 11

Pages 12-19

Soon-Kwon Kim, Fighting Famine with 'Miracle Corn' | 12

Endy Bayuni, Editorial Voice for Press Freedom | 13

Sombath Somphone, Preparing a Generation of Leaders in Laos | 14

Ann Dunham Soetoro (1942-1995), Trailblazer for Microcredit in Southeast Asia | 15

Sachio Semmoto, Expanding Telecom, First in Japan, Now Globally | 16

Rajendra K. Pachauri, Leader in Climate Change Awareness | 17

Nereus Acosta, Thinking Globally, Acting Locally to Fight Poverty | 18

Amanda Ellis, Striving to Empower Women in Developing Countries | 19

Pages 20-27

Puongpun and Thanh-Lo Sananikone, The Power of Two | 20

Hao Ping, In China and Abroad, Bridging East and West | 22

Nasti Reksodiputro, Spreading the Joy of Reading in Indonesia | 23

Victor Yano, Revolutionizing Health Care in the Pacific | 24

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Making Sense of the Media and Politics | 25

Jose Turquel, Nation-Building in Timor-Leste | 26

Albert Wendt, Master Storyteller of the Pacific | 27

Pages 28-35

Ratu Sir Kamisese K.T. Mara (1920-2004), South Pacific Statesman | 28

Ricardo Trimillos, East-West Music Man | 30

Muse Opiang, 'Saving the Wildlife' in Papua New Guinea | 31

Alapaki Luke, Awakening an Appreciation for the 'Aina | 32

Khunying Supatra Masdit, Championing Women's Issues in Thailand | 33

Carl Becker, Pioneering Work on Issues of Life and Death | 34

Tin Myaing Thein, Helping Immigrants Get a Fresh Start | 35

Pages 36-43

Brenda Lei Foster, Promoting U.S.-China Business Ties | 36

Tum May, Boosting Public Health and Opportunities in Cambodia | 36

Santiago Obien, 'Guiding Father' of Philippines Rice Industry | 38

Sung Chul Yang, An Ambassador for Reconciliation and Peaceful Reunification | 39

Riley Lee, The Shakuhachi Goes Universal | 40

Arfa Zehra, A Voice for Women and Equality in Pakistan | 41

Elizabeth "Betty" Bullard (1930-2008), Born to Teach | 42

Rinchen Wangyel, Opening a Window to 'The Sacred Arts of Bhutan' | 43

Pages 44-51

Mau Piailug, The Navigator Who Launched a Renaissance in the Pacific | 44

S.R. Nathan, President of Singapore | 45

Amy Agbayani, Advocate for Social Justic | 46

Zhao Zhenge, Applying Leadership Skills, Valuing Diversity | 47

Kitty Pilgrim, Informing Viewers on a World of Economic Trends | 48

Choko Takayama, Strengthening Hawaii-Okinawa Ties | 49

Khaleda Rashid, A Blueprint for Livable Housing | 50

Carl Wolz (1932-2002), Creating a Global Dance Community | 51

Pages 52-56

Angela Kay Kepler, Conservationist and 'Old-Fashioned Naturalist' | 52

Muhammad Jailani, Ensuring Child Rights in Southeast Asia | 53

Arjumand Faisel, Committed to a Pakistan You Don't See on CNN | 54

Shankar P. Sharma, Representing Nepal in Washington | 55

Didin Sastrapradja, Valued Leader in Science and Public Service | 56