General Information for all J-1 Visitors


This site provides information for J-1 visitors on East-West Center or U.S. State Department J-1 visa sponsorship.


  • Links to U.S. Embassies and Consulates in the Asia-Pacific Region [website]
  • Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure [pdf]
  • Exchange Visitor Visas [website]
  • Two-Year Home Country Physical Presence Requirement [EWC webpage]
  • Learn more about your visa: admission, expiration date, & duration of status (D/S) [website]
  • Visa appointment wait times [website]


  • The Exchange Visitor Health Insurance Requirement [pdf]
  • Verification of Insurance Coverage [pdf
  • Health & Repatriation/Medical Evacuation Insurance Plan Options - updated April 2022 [doc]
  • Insurance Requirement Acknowledgement Form [pdf]
  • ACA-Compliance Requirement for EWC J-1 Exchange Visitors - Acknowledgment Form [pdf]

Social Security/ITIN Numbers & Hawaii State IDs/Driver Licenses

  • Social Security Number Eligibility and Application Procedures [website]
  • Social Security Number Computer-Fillable Application Form [pdf]
  • Honolulu Social Security Administration (SSA) Office Hours & Location [pdf] [website]
  • Form I-94 needed for SSN Application [website
  • Individual Taxpayer ID (ITIN) [EWC webpage]
  • DMV Fact Sheet:  Applying for Driver’s Licenses and/or State ID Cards [pdf]
  • SSN/DMV/State ID Informational Handout for J1 Students [pdf]


  • Travel Abroad and Re-Entry to the U.S. [pdf]
  • Procedures for Entry into Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean from the U.S. and Re-Entry to the U.S. [pdf]


Information for J-1 Scholars/Specialists

  • Information and Responsibilities of an EWC J-1 Scholar/Specialist - updated January 2020 [pdf]


Information for J-1 Students

  • Responsibilities of an EWC J-1 Student - updated January 2020 [pdf]

Full-Time Enrollment

  • UHM-ISS Advisory on Policy and Exceptions [website]
  • UH Manoa Guide to Registration and Enrollment [website]
  • UH Hilo Registration Guide [website]
  • Request for Authorization to Drop Below Full-Time Enrollment [form-fillable doc]


  • Procedures for Applying for On-Campus Employment [pdf]
  • Request for On-Campus Employment [form-fillable pdf]

J-2 Dependent(s)

  • Visa information for spouse and children in J-2 status [pdf]

Academic Training

  • What Employers Should Know about Hiring International Students [pdf]
  • Guidelines for Certification of Academic Training Offer Letter [pdf]
  • Request for Academic Training (confirm eligibility with EWC Scholarship coordinator [form-fillable doc] [form-fillable pdf]


Contact Information:

Mathura Small, EWC Visa Officer
1601 East-West Road, JAB 2129
Honolulu, HI  96848
Tel:  (808)944-7736
Fax:  (808) 944-7730
E-Mail:  [email protected]

Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:45AM-4:30PM (appointment recommended)

Kanika Mak-Lavy, Education Program Specialist & Registrar / Alternate Responsible Officer
1601 East-West Road, JAB 2083
Honolulu, HI 96848
Tel:  (808) 944-7750
Fax:  (808) 944-7730
Email:  [email protected]

Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:45AM-4:30PM (appointment recommended)