UISFL Chinese Culture and Language Project


Enhancing Undergraduate Chinese Language and Culture Studies: Integrating Faculty and Curriculum Development is a three-year project designed and coordinated by the Asian Studies Development Program, and funded through a U.S. Department of Education Title VI Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) grant. The project aims to demonstrate a nationally-applicable model for “fast-tracking” the integrated development of Chinese language and culture studies at undergraduate serving colleges and universities. For this project, ASDP is working with a consortium comprising three community colleges and three universities.

The project responds to a common set of interrelated difficulties encountered in building new undergraduate international and area studies programs, in particular the need to simultaneously develop new language capacities, complementary humanities and social science curricula, and sustained faculty and student interest. The primary outcome of the project will be the development of a Chinese studies certificate (for community colleges) or minor degree program (for state universities) on each of the collaborating campuses, organized around three interdisciplinary core courses in Chinese studies, improved Chinese language instruction, and significantly expanded post-introductory and upper division language and cultural studies enrollments.

The primary program activities for the project are: annual Summer Residential Workshops hosted in Honolulu; three, annual series of Core Course Workshops hosted on consortium school campuses; and a Final Conference.