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The Internet makes available a stunning - and at a times, simply overwhelming amount of material on China. Our intention on this page is to assemble links that you have either used in the past and found particularly worthwhile, or that you discover in the course of your project development research here during the program - what you might think of as "best of the Web" collection. Should you have links you deem worthy of inclusion, please send access information (URL) to either Joseph Harroff or Sandy Osaki and we'll see that they get uploaded onto the site.


 Academic Links

Shana Brown's  Facebook Page on Modern China

Teaching Chinese Histories (Handout prepared by Shana Brown regarding primary sources and online materials)

Classical Historiography for Chinese History (by Benjamin Elman)


Asia for Educators (Columbia University)

A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization (by Patricia Ebrey)

East Asian History-Online Sourcebook (Fordham University)

Chinese History-Timelines and Maps (by Ulrich Theobald)

Shuhai Wenyuan (University of Hawaii)-Tools and Texts for researching ancient Chinese Philosophy

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center (Ohio State University)

Smithsonian Freer-Sackler Museum of Asian Art

An Illustrated History of the PRC

China Watch (Washington Post)

Chinese Cinema Web-Based Learning Center (UC-San Diego)

The Silk Road Seattle


The International Dunhuang Project


Toyo Bunko Rare Books Project

China Economic Review

PRC Propaganda Posters

Ling Long Women's Magazine

The Hedda Morrison Photographs of China

CIA-The World Factbook (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan)


Life in Hawaii

Hawaii's Official Tourism Site

Maps of Oahu


Restraunts Recommended for ASDP Participants

UH Manoa Campus Map

Hawaii News

HPR Community Calendar (Music, Theater, Arts, etc.)