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The Mongols and the Eurasian Nexus of Global History



The Internet makes available a stunning - and at a times, simply overwhelming - amount of material on the Mongols and the influence they have had on Global History. Our intention on this page is to assemble links that you have either used in the past and found particularly worthwhile, or that you discover in the course of your project development research here during the program - what you might think of as a "best of the Web" collection. Should you have links you deem worthy of inclusion, please send access information (URL) to either Joseph Harroff or Audrey Minei and we'll see that they get uploaded onto the site.

The Mongols in World History (part of the Asia for Educators site maintained by Columbia University)

Map of the Mongol Empire

Interactive Timeline of Mongolian History

The Mongolia Society

Central Intelligence Agency (USA) World Factbook for Mongolia

The Legacy of Ghenghis Khan [Metropolitan Museum of Art]

William Fitzhugh's Mongolia Fieldwork Reports

Portals to the World: Mongolia


Harvard-Yenching Mongolia Collection

Photo gallery from the National Museum of Mongolian History

Photo gallery from the Choijin Lama Museum

Photo gallery from the Ulaanbaatar Fine Arts Museum

Lingua Mongolia: Classical Mongolian Grammar and Tutorials

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo (Film and Educational Resources)

When Silk Was Gold: Central Asian and Chinese Textiles Watt, James C. Y., and Anne E. Wardwell, with an essay by Morris Rossabi (1997) [Complete text available via Metropolitan Museum of Art]



The Silk Roads: An Educational Resource (written by Morris Rossabi)

Silk Road Seattle (University of Washington)

Silk Road Foundation

Silk Road Project

International Dunhuang Project

Sidney D. Gamble Photographs (Duke University)