2014 Wabash-DePauw Seminar on Chinese Culture and Society (Presentations)


Here is included powerpoint slides, handouts, syllabi, or any other relevant materials that are used as part of a seminar presentation.

Presenter Presentations:

Shana Brown, Seminar Introduction: A Thematic Overview of Chinese History

Lisa Rosenlee, Confucianism and Daoism: A Cultural Introduction

Peter Hershock, Chinese Buddhism: Chan and the Ideal of Social Virtuosity

Ming-Bao Yue, Chinese Literature in a Time of Revolutions

Kate Lingley, Chinese Art

Shana Brown, The Chinese Century

Chris McNally, Sino-Capitalism and its Regional and Global Implications

Zheng Wang, Clash of Dreams: Chinese Nationalism in Context

Alison Conner, China's Legal System: A Century of Reform?

Participant Presentations: