Roreti Eritai


Pacific Islands Women in Leadership Program, ’14

Roreti is a Senior Trade Promotion Officer in the Government of Kiribati’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives. After completing her program at EWC, she worked with women to enhance their handicraft skills and production. She also worked on establishing the Kiribati Empowerment Centre where handicraft and other local producers can work, learn and connect. The KIE Centre will be under the umbrella of an NGO that aims to address socio-economic issues faced by Kiribati communities – particularly women and youths – through projects that could enhance community capacity and provide them with income opportunities.

Place of origin: Kiribati    Current location: Tarawa

B.A., Geography, History/Politics, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji
M.A., Development Studies, University of the South Pacific

English, Kiribati

“Three very important words advocated by the EWC – collaboration, expertise and leadership – are applicable in any situation. In achieving development, countries need  visionary leaders who can make things happen to bring about change towards sustainable development and improvement of people’s livelihoods. In doing so, leaders must engage in a bottom-up and holistic approaches to ensure that everyone is involved and issues are effectively addressed.”

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