The East-West Center and Gender Equality: The Multiplier Effect


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For nearly six decades, the East-West Center has provided transformative educational, leadership, and capacity-building experiences for change makers across the US–Asia Pacific region who return home to positively impact their communities.

We have empowered thousands of future women leaders who have thrived in our diverse and inclusive community and sensitized future male leaders to the importance of gender equality. Today, many have a gender equality multiplier effect (GEM) in their professions, communities, and in the region.

Women’s leadership events and programming at the Center occur annually, and include training and networking. In 2017 the Center hosted the first Women20 for the G20 Asia-Pacific Dialogue, which produced recommendations for G20 leaders on speeding up women’s economic empowerment. For stories about these events, a link to the full Women20 for the G20 report, and a video about the meeting, look here.

East-West Center GEMs

Read about East-West Center alumni creating a multiplier effect in their communities by clicking the pictures below.

Christina Cogen
#galswithLEI Attendee
Brianne West
Changing Faces Participant
Melialani James
Changing Faces Mentor


Navanethem Pillay
AIJI Affiliate
Linda Furuto
APLP Participant


Uschi Schreiber
Women. Fast forward  


The East-West Center is committed to gender equality, which we advance in five ways:

1. Leadership Education and Training

Empower leaders through advanced education and training with a gender lens.


2. Data and Analysis

Provide evidence-based data and informed analysis about gender-related issues.


3. Legal Rights

Support the legal rights of women and children.


4. Engagement

Engage communities, global coalitions, networks, and partnerships in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5.


5. Scholarly Work

Contribution to scholarly work on women and leadership.