Infusing Modern China into the Undergraduate Curriculum

Infusing Modern China into the Undergraduate Curriculum  
Woman' Birthday or Informal Ceremonial Robe
Woman's Birthday or Informal Ceremonial Robe.
China, late 19th -early 20th century.
Photo credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Institute Dates: July 19-30, 2021

Location:  East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii

The annual summer institute on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum is a multidisciplinary program that fosters faculty and program development aimed at enhancing undergraduate teaching and learning about Asian cultures and societies. Hosted annually since 1991, the Institute offers undergraduate educators the opportunity to interact with leading Asian studies experts in an intensive program of lectures, discussions, film screenings, site visits and cultural events.

Infusing Modern China into the Undergraduate Curriculum is a two-week faculty- and curriculum-development summer institute that will help develop and enhance undergraduate Chinese studies in American colleges and universities. The program of lectures, group discussions, film screenings and individual team meetings will equip participating faculty teams to develop curriculum materials and strategic plans for expanding undergraduate Chinese studies offerings on their campuses through a rich, multidisciplinary exploration of modern Chinese history, art, literature, religion, politics and contemporary social dynamics. The Institute will be directed by Dr. Peter Hershock.

The 2020 institute is designed to meet the needs of educators committed to developing new China-focused courses and course modules, and to building Chinese studies programs on their home campuses. The Institute is open to individual applicants, but special consideration will be given to applications from two- to three-person college or university teams.

Participants will receive lodging in the East-West Center faculty guesthouse. Their home institutions are asked to cover travel costs and a program fee of $325.