ASDP National Conference


ASDP National Conference

The ASDP National Conference is hosted annually to enable ASDP alumni and other interested college and university faculty members share both Asia-related research and pedagogical insights. These two-day events feature keynote speakers, plenary sessions, and concurrent panel sessions and roundtable discussions. While there are many other conferences at which to present Asia-related research in the humanities and social sciences, the ASDP National Conference aims at creating an appreciative environment of mutual support and shared enthusiasm for enhancing undergraduate Asian studies.

The first ASDP National Conference was hosted by Middlesex Community College in Lowell MA in 1994. Conferences have been held every year since then, with ASDP sharing the hosting responsibilities with one of its Regional Centers. 

2019  ASDP National Conference (website)
Date:  March 7-9, 2019

Nashville Airport Marriott
600 Marriott Dr.
Nashville, TN 37214

Past ASDP National Conferences                                                                               

Photos above courtesy of Dr. Rachana Sachdev, Susquehanna University