Enhancing Chinese Studies and Southeast Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum


Enhancing Undergraduate Chinese Studies and Southeast Asian Studies 

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This multiyear project aims to enhance Asia-focused teaching and learning in higher education through advancing teaching expertise on China (Year 1) and Southeast Asia (Year 2). Organized around annual summer residential institutes in Honolulu and workshops on the campuses of participating colleges and universities, the project will provide participating faculty members and teams with resources for developing new curricula and drafting institutional development strategies.

Reflecting the commitments of both the Henry Luce Foundation and the East-West Center (EWC) to diversity, equity and inclusion, the project will contribute to closing the Asian studies divide in American undergraduate education through nurturing relationships among minority-serving institutions (MSIs) and faculty members, including those that serve significantly Black, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander and Asian-American student bodies and communities.


The two-week summer institutes will include both individual participants and two- to three-person institutional teams, and each program will offer 30 hours of lectures, group discussions, film screenings and team meetings designed to equip participants to expand Asian studies on their home campuses. Participants will receive lodging in the East-West Center faculty guesthouse, Lincoln Hall, as well as a travel stipend of up to $800.

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The campus workshops—one each Fall and two each Spring over the course of the project—will feature lecture-presentations open to both students and faculty, meetings with interested faculty and administrators, and sessions to discuss course and course module designs and implementation. These workshops, organized in collaboration with hosting campuses, will serve to sustain faculty involvement in the project and to foster student interest in and administrative support for Asian studies.

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For information about the program content, contact the Institute Co-Director, Peter Hershock. For information about application procedures, contact Daralyn Yee. 

  Peter Hershock, East-West Center Director of ASDP
    Office: 808-944-7757
    E-mail: [email protected]

  Daralyn Yee, Program Assistant
    Office: 808-944-7337
    E-mail: [email protected]