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Institutes for Enhancing Undergraduate Asian Studies

The project’s annual summer institutes reflect lessons learned from the ASDP flagship program, the Summer Institute for Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum. Hosted annually since 1991, the Infusing Institute series has offered undergraduate educators the opportunity to interact with leading Asian studies experts in intensive programs of lectures, discussions, film screenings, site visits and cultural events. The Infusing Institute model of including 2 to 3-person, multidisciplinary teams has proven particularly effective for fostering collaborative faculty development and for envisioning pragmatic pathways to certificate, minor and major degree programs.

The project’s Year 1 summer institute will focus on modern China. In addition to having the largest population and second largest economy in the world, China’s modern history of imperial collapse and national reemergence after a “century of humiliation” offers valuable insights into cultural resilience, the dynamics of national vitality, and the complexity of contemporary geopolitics. The Year 2 institute will focus on Southeast Asia, in part in recognition of its pivotal roles in US history, but also due its role in global history as a cultural crossroads; its colonial past; its remarkable cultural, religious, ethnic and political diversity; and the distinct approaches taken across the region to valuing both plurality and unity.

Upcoming Institute

Infusing Chinese Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum

July 11-22, 2022

Application Deadline: March 1, 2022

The summer institute on Modern China in Three Keys: History, Culture, and Social Change will be co-directed by Dr. Peter D. Hershock (East-West Center) and Dr. Shana Brown (University of Hawaiˋi at Mānoa, Department of History). The institute will examine the turbulent dynamics of China’s transformation from a 17th century empire to a struggling 20th century nation state and a 21st century economic and geopolitical global power, emphasizing cultural continuities as well as political experimentation in an evolving and aspirational “China dream.” Week One of the program will include sessions on Chinese history, literature, and art. Week Two will include sessions on 20th and 21st century social, economic, political, and cultural transformations.

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