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October 18, 2010: Mr. Vannarith Chheang and Ms. Catharin Dalpino

(Click to enlarge) From left to right, Mr. Vannarith Chheang and Ms. Catharin Dalpino assess the inaugural ADMM+ which was held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Inaugural ADMM+: An Assessment


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(Washington, DC) Given the most recent concerns regarding stability and security in the South China Sea, the inaugural ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus Eight (ADMM+) dialogue was a platform for further discussion of key regional security issues; Secretary Robert Gates, along with 17 other defense ministers were in attendance. Mr. Vannarith Chheang and Ms. Catharin Dalpino exchanged their views on the outcomes of this meeting and discussed how the ADMM+ may impact future regional security cooperation among the dialogue members.                                   

Vannarith Chheang is a visiting fellow at the East West Center and is executive director of the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace, which is a member of the ASEAN Institutes for Strategic and International Studies (ASEAN-ISIS), the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP) and the Economic Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA). Mr. Chheang received a PhD in Asia Pacific Studies from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in 2010 and a leadership certificate from the East West Center for his participation in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) in 2009. His research includes a broad range of topics, such as Asian regional security and economic development in Southeast Asia.

Catharin Dalpino is a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins, SAIS and is the Joan M. Warburg Professor of International Relations at Simmons College. She is also the director of the Aspen Institute's Advocacy and Exchange program on Agent Orange/dioxin in US-Vietnam relations and a non-resident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council. In the past, Ms. Dalpino has taught courses at Georgetown University and The George Washington University on Southeast Asian politics, security and international relations. Formerly a fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, a career officer with The Asia Foundation, and a policy analyst at the World Bank, she is widely published, and has written three books on U.S. policy toward Asia, as well as numerous articles and op-eds.###