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October 25, 2010: Mr. Bill Hayton

(Click to enlarge) From left to right, Mr. Bill Hayton, BBC World News TV, and Dr. Satu Limaye, East-West Center in Washington, discuss the newly released book, "Vietnam: Rising Dragon."

Vietnam: Rising Dragon


(Washington, DC) As Vietnam continues to experience great economic growth and the Communist Party-led government increasingly plays a leadership role in the Southeast Asian region, the spotlight on Vietnam grows brighter. In addition, the United States and Vietnam have been enjoying especially warm relations after celebrating the 15th anniversary of normalized relations and expressing common concerns regarding maritime security issues in the South China Sea. The recently published book, Vietnam: Rising Dragon, illustrates how the government in Vietnam hopes to sustain a high rate of economic growth, balance its major relationships and carefully monitor its civil society to shape Vietnam’s future. Author Bill Hayton discussed how the interests of the Vietnamese government and the interests of its citizens impact the country’s foreign policy and its relations with other regional powers, such as China and the United States.


Bill Hayton is the author of Vietnam: Rising Dragon (Yale University Press, 2010) and a reporter and producer for BBC World News TV in London. His recent book, Rising Dragon has been commended by many reviewers and was described by Jonathan Mirsky of the New York Review of Books as being "a very good book.” Mr. Hayton was previously BBC's reporter in Hanoi from 2006-2007, where he covered the country's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Asia-Pacific Summit in Hanoi and dozens of other stories, ranging from international relations to dissidents, road safety and the fate of the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. Before joining BBC, he was a producer and reporter for well-known channels, such as CNBC, Dow Jones TV and al Jazeera. Hayton has reported from Vietnam as well as a host of different countries and regions, which include Iran, Yemen, Israel, Central Europe and the Balkans.