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Listed below are abstracts of presentations selected for the conference.  They are listed alphabetically by name of the presenting author.  Please note that some abstracts were edited for length and/or clarity.


Last NameFirst NameTitle of Abstract

Conditions for Democratic Local Politics and Governance In the Philippines

AGBAYANIAMEFILPanel Overview: Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders: Building Community in US Higher Education
AGBAYANIAMEFILWho Are and What Are Higher Educational Issues Facing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the US?
ANDERSONFRED E.Issues in Minority Language Education in the Asia-Pacific Region
ANDOYOSHIMIPanel Overview: Social Capital and Well-being in Okinawa and Japan from the Perspectives of the
Life Course - Session 2
ANDOYOSHIMIThe Changing Transition to Adulthood in Okinawa, Japan
ARAKAKIYUJIPoster: Distribution expansion of a domestically introduced species of mangrove, Avicennia marina, a consideration of its impact on the tideland ecosystem in Okinawa Island
ASATOMIHOPoster: Language Attitude of Okinawan Young Generations
BANASAROSHThe India-Pakistan Agenda:  For Mutual Benefit and South Asian Advantage
BEESONMARKA Rising China Meets a Rising Region:  The Geopolitics of the 'Indo-Pacific'
BRARAARVINDER S.Secrets of Healthy Longevity 
CHAKMAKJIANPAULINEThe League of Historical Cities
CHANGJOSEPH CHIAO-SENIs Deepening Economic Integration the Way to the Promised Land? The Case of China and Taiwan
CHANGERICPanel Overview: The EWC Arts Program:  Recent Initiatives 
CHINENMASATOLearning as Inquiry
CHINGDORISUS Initiatives Address Education of Underserved Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders
CHOIBYOUNG MOHKIndustrial Relations Values: A Comparative Study between Thailand and Korea
CHRISTOFFERSENGAYEChina’s Hard and Soft Power in its East Asian Peripheral Diplomacy
DIXUConvergence of Multicultural Education and Peace Education for Human Sustainability
EFENDIDAVIDLocalizing Democracy: "Paguyuban" Movement in Opposing "Liberal Democracy" in Yogyakarta Special Regions, Indonesia
ENDOHTOAKEProtecting migrants at Risk as Internally Displaced Persons: A Normative Framework
ENGROBERT Y.Revisiting the Golden Age of Sino-Japanese Relations, 1972-1989
ENRIQUEZRUTCHELLE B.Pre-Service Teachers’ Before and After Typhoon Haiyan Reflections on Sustainability 
FELTZWILLIAMPanel Overview: The EWC Arts Program: Recent Initiatives
FREINERNICOLEFood Community and the Fukushima/Daiichi Catastrophe  
GABRAKOVADENNITZAPostcolonial Critique in the Context of Japan
GIMACHARLENESustaining Tradition through Change in Shuri-Style Kumiwudui
HAMAKAWACURTHarnessing the Power of Sport to Promote Global Health in the Asia Pacific Region
HANASHIROIKUKOPoster: Praying-Fleeting Visions
HASHIMOTOCHIELeadership–Key Ingredients for the Gucci In-house Lawyer
HIGAETSUKOUzagaku: Chinese Music Performed in the Ryukyuan Court
HIKAMMUHAMMAD ASBridging the Precarious Balance: The Leadership Challenge  in the Post-SBY Indonesian Government (2014-2019)
IBATA-ARENSKATHRYNTwilight of the Developmental State in Asia and a New Networked Techno-nationalist Paradigm: Implications for Sustainable Economic Development
IBRAHIMMUHAMMADTourism Potential in Pakistan
INABAYOJIPanel Overview: Social Capital and Well-being in Okinawa and Japan from the Perspectives of the
Life Course - Session 1
INABAYOJISocial Capital and Economic Inequality
ISHIJIMASUGURUThe Outlook of the Climatic Features of Okinawa Region
ITOKAZUJUNKODeveloping Sustainable Afterschool English Program in Elementary Schools in Okinawa
ITOKAZUMASAJIPast and Future of Ryukyu Lacquer Art
JAMBORADAMSocial Capital and the Transition to Work in Okinawa


HIROSHINew Waves in the Ocean: Cross-jurisdictional Challenges and Collaborations


GARRETTPerformance: From Campur to Champuru:  Southeast Asian Influences in Okinawan Culture


MIDORIPoster: New Graduate Program for Advanced Nursing Specialist in Islands Nursing
KANGKEEHO KEVINBuilding Peace through Art in the Koreas
KIMWON NYONAlcohol Advertising Restrictions and Alcohol Consumption
KINJOSEIKOComparison of Speaking and Reading Ability Development Through Retelling a Story
KNUDSENKARENPanel Overview: The Contemporary East-West Center
KOBAYASHISOMEIOkinawa's Role for Peace-building in East Asia: Lessons from the ROK's "Peace Projece" in Jeju
KONISHIJUNKOPanel Overview: Past and Future of Okinawa Music and Art
KONISHIJUNKOMusical Communication between Okinawans and Micronesians in Nanyo under the Japanese Administration (1914-1945)
KUMANORURIKOIdeological Battles for Academic Freedom: Red Purge in the US Occupied Japan
KUMETERUYUKIProposal for Asia Pacific Communication Center
LATHAMCAROLINE C.Interactive Workshop: Weaving the Tapestry of Cross-Cultural Understanding in Asia and Globally
LAUFREDRICKAnxiety of Belonging: Hong Kong Music and Subjectivity
LEEENIDLanguage Revitalization: The Case of Hakka in Taiwan
LISHANGBOInternationalization of Chinese Higher Education: Benefiting from Foreign Power
LINSHU-HWAPoster: Analysis of Okinawan Garment in UHM Costume Collection
MITATAKASHIIdentifying Social Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases in Palau: Futures-Studies Perspective
MIYAGIMAYUMIComparison of Speaking and Reading Ability Development Through Retelling a Story
MURAKAMIYOSHIKAZUTowards Fostering Global Awareness of the People
NAKACHIKIYOSHIPanel Overview: Discussion Session - Asian Center for Solving International Conflicts and Maintaining Peace in the Asia Pacific Regions
NAKAMURAHOSHINA Brief History and Culture of Okinawa
NAKASONEBOBPanel Overview: Okinawa? Changing Times??
NGUYENDAVIDOkinawa Underwater
NISHIHIRATOMOKOPoster: The Maternal-Child Health Promotion Member (MCHPM) training for Child Maltreatment prevention
NISHIKAWATOSHIYUKIFuture Directions of Japan’s Healthcare Reform 
NITTAFUMITERUTransmissions of Language and Religion Among Japanese-Filipinas Families in Japan
OKADAVINCE M.Panel Overview:The EWC Arts Program:  Recent Initiatives 
ONISHIYOSHINOBUFrom Global 30 Project to Beyond: Going Global
OSHIROMARIKOPoster: Motivation of Factors for Exercise in Breast Cancer Survivors:Review of the Literature
PATTNAYAKSATYA R.Governance, Political Participation, Female Empowerment and Sustainable Growth in Asia and Latin America, 1990-2012
PRASETYOSABARINAHMonitoring the Universal Access to Reproductive Health in Indonesia
RAJAMANIS.Recent Green Developments and Control of Green House Gas Emission and Climate Change
ROBINSONSIMONDeveloping Sustainable Afterschool English Programs in Elementary Schools in Okinawa
SADAKARILEIDrama Yoga for Japanese ADHD Students
SAKIHARAMASASHIIndigenous Language Education at University Level in Hawai'i and the Ryukyus 
SAKUMASAYAKAOkinawa Underwater
SANTAELLAMAYCOSeascapes and Soundscapes:Island Culture and Music Making in the Nusantara Region
SEIFMANTRAVISRyukyuans in Early Modern Japan: The Journey to Edo 1710-1850
SHAHRAHULSustainable Energy for All by 2030 - Nepal Action Plan
SHIBATAMIKIThe Possibility of English as a Solution to Resolve Socio-political Issues:  The Case in Okinawa
SHIBUYAMOMOYOPoster: What Did the Japanese Audience Talk on the Message Board about Historical Drama of Japanese Americans in Wartime: Ethnicity, Society, and Peace
SHIMJUNG-SOONPrecarity and Contemporary Korean Theatre in the Post-IMF Era:Voices of the '880 Thousand Won Generation'
SHIRAIKOKOROSocial Capital and Health Promoting Behavior Among Other Japanese Population in the Community
SHIROMAKAORICultural Adaptation in a Divergent Environment - GARIOA Scholarship Program Stories
SUTTONR. ANDERSONMusical Fusions in Indonesia and Beyond:Dwiki Dharmawan’s Cosmopolitan Regionalism
TAKAKURAMINORUSocial Capital at School and Health-risk Behaviors Among Adolescents
THAMBIPILLAIPUSHPAPerception and Response to Power Display in Southeast Asia:  Sifting the Soft from the Hard
THORSTENMARIE"Normal Cool": Hard and Soft Power in Abe's Japan
TJIPTOHERIJANTOPRIJONOBetween Two Cultures: Civil Service Reform in Thailand and Indonesia
TODORIKIHIDEMISocial Capital and Nutrition/Health Transition in Postwar Okinawa
TRIMILLOSRICARDO D.Panel Overview: Performing Arts and Island Societies: Beyond State, Nation, and Empire
TRIMILLOSRICARDO D.Island Loves and Landmarks; Songs from Hawai‘i, Okinawa, and Sulu
TSUTSUMIJUN-ICHIRO GIORRGOSMaterial and Thermal Recycling Systems in Okinawa
UZAYUICHIPoster: An Exchange Program for Japanese High School Students in Taiwan
VERNYJEROMEIntegrate a Peripheral Port’s Logistics Island System in Global Terminal logistics Network:Challenges and Limits for the Asia Pacific Region
WAGNERLOLA SHIRINThe Challenge of Adaptive Leadership  in Southeast Asia Industrial Region
WANGCHAOTowards a Mutual Understanding and Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution in Asia
WANGZHENUsing Legal Weapons in US-China Trade Disputes 
WANGJUJU CHIN SHOUEnergy Democracy and People’s Power Plant (PPP) Movement in Taiwan:Post-311 Perspectives of Environmental Sociology
WILSONANDREWFrom Isolation to Community in Murakami's After the Quake
YAGITOMOKOPoster: Kumiodori – Royal Magical Blend of 8-8-6 Cyclic Ryῡka, Dance, Ensemble
YAMAGUCHIEITETSUThe Glory of an Island Kingdom - From Capt. Basil Hall to Samuel Wells Williams -
YAMASHITAMICHIKOPolicy Reform of Japan’s Official Development Aid
YAMAZATOKINUKO MAEHARAThe Role of Social Capital for Returned Study Abroad Participants in Post-War Okinawa
YANGHYUN SEOKAlcohol Advertising Restrictions and Alcohol Consumption
YEECHO CHOSEAFARING FISHERMEM Community in a Village, Delta of Myanmar
YOSHIDAGARYHarnessing the Power of Sport to Promote Global Health in the Asia Pacific Region
YOSHIIRISABuilding Students' Creative Confidence through Teaching English at ONCT
YUKAWAHIROHISAPoster: Overcoming Negative Impacts of Volunteer Study Tour Program: A Case Study of Food for the Hungry Philippines
ZEHRAARFAA Life Celebrated