PIDP Research

The research history of PIDP is long and wide-ranging addressing topics of deep concern to the Pacific Islands such as private sector development, sustainable development, tuna fisheries, disaster management and response, and sea bed mining.

Currently the Pacific Islands Development Program has two policy-related publication series of note and a working paper series.

Pacific Islands Policy

Pacific Islands Policy examines critical issues, problems, and opportunities that are relevant to the Pacific Islands region. The series is intended to influence the policy process, affect how people understand a range of contemporary Pacific issues, and help fashion solutions. A central aim of the series is to encourage scholarly analysis of economic, political, social, and cultural issues in a manner that will advance common understanding of current challenges and policy responses.

Sampe titles in this series include:

Pacific Islands Brief

The Pacific Islands Brief series seeks to stimulate discussion by providing concise overviews of contemporary issues in the Pacific Islands region. It is available exclusively in electronic format.

Sample titles in this series include:

Working Papers Series

The prepublication works of the East-West Center Working Papers series are written by EWC staff and Visiting Fellows.

Download a flyer about recent East-West Center publications related to the Pacific Islands.

For publications more than 10-years old you can search the EWC library catalog.