Asia Pacific Media and Dialogue Initiative

Disinformation is a challenge facing societies and countries around the globe, including those in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, in topics as diverse as the environment, security, health, and politics. These challenges are further amplified by complex disinformation campaigns and rapidly disseminated through social media. The East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Media and Dialogue Initiative (APMDI) engages, empowers, and trains young leaders, journalists, and policy influencers to build information networks, reliable sources, and practical strategies for identifying and responding to disinformation throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Housed within the Professional Development Program, the APMDI program includes the following major activity areas:



Allen Clark

Director, Professional Development Program

Susan Kreifels

Media Programs Manager, East-West Seminars

Christina Monroe

Senior Manager, Leadership Program

Scott Kroeker

Senior Manager, Pacific Island Development Program

Katie Bartels

Program Coordinator, Professional Development Program