Infusing Korean Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum


Image of wine ewer from Goryeo Dynasty
Wine Ewer with Chrysanthemums and Lotus
Flowers. First half of the 13th century, Goryeo
Dynasty (918-1392). Korea. Photo credit:
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Institute Dates:  July 30 - August 10, 2018          

Location:  East-West Center.  Honolulu, Hawai'i

Application Deadline:  March 15, 2018

The annual summer institute on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum is a multidisciplinary program that fosters faculty and program development aimed at enhancing undergraduate teaching and learning about Asian cultures and societies. Hosted annually since 1991, the institute on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum offers undergraduate educators the opportunity to interact with leading Asian studies experts in an intensive program of lectures, discussions, film screenings, site visits and cultural events.

The 2018 Infusing Institute will be co-directed by Dr. Peter Hershock and Dr. Edward Shultz and will feature presentations on Korean history, religion, philosophy, art and literature, as well as sessions on the political economy, social transformation and cultural dynamics of contemporary Korea.

Hosted with support from the Academy for Korean Studies, the 2018 institute is designed to meet the needs of educators committed to developing new Korea-focused courses and course modules, and to building Korean studies programs on their home campuses. The Institute is open to individual applicants, but special consideration will be given to applications from two- to three-person teams from colleges and universities committed to advancing undergraduate Korean studies.

Participants will receive lodging in the East-West Center faculty guesthouse and a travel stipend of $400. Their home institutions are asked to cover remaining travel costs and a program fee of $150.